I will fight for lower taxes to keep revenue in the private sector, support expansion of domestic energy sources, and remove obstructions to growth.

Common Sense Principles

Grow the Economy

It is imperative that we grow the private sector to expand the economy and get out of this recession. To do this, we must do 3 things. Increase capital investment in business, reduce the cost of operating business, and eliminate obstacles to growth.

 It is important to first establish that government expenditures of tax revenue (Stimulus) has not worked and will not work if attempted again. The tax revenue is pulled from the private sector and then put back into the private sector. It is merely moving water from one side of the bucket to the other. It has no growth effect. Worse still the tax revenue has historically been pulled from those who are the job creators, leading to recession instead of growth. Government stimulus is transferring of revenue from those who create jobs to those who don’t. Zero growth is the best outcome possible.

The fundamental first step to growth is more capital in the private sector. This is effortless for Congress. It requires no expenditures of tax revenue. Simply leave revenue in the private sector through lower taxation. Those at the lower end of the economic spectrum spend this increased revenue in their budgets. The result is more commerce conducted in the private sector. Those in the middle and on the upper end invest in other’s businesses or their own. This creates growth and jobs and more commerce in the private sector. The result is increased opportunity and prosperity across the economic spectrum.

Congress can enhance private sector growth through energy policy. More energy is cheaper energy. Less expensive energy lowers production and transportation costs. This leads to lower priced goods. That puts more disposable revenue in ctizens’ budgets. That results in more commerce, more growth. This can be done with simple legislation that requires no taxpayer revenue. We must open up more domestic energy sources, such as domestic drilling, hydraulic fracturing to access shale reserves, and approving the Keystone Pipeline. The Green Energy jobs never materialized. It is time to end taxpayer-funded subsidies. Green energy must compete in the private sector, reducing cost in the long run. Congress must stop obstructing the energy sources that work and stop investing the taxpayer’s money in energy sources that don’t.

 With revenue and cheaper energy, the economy will grow. At this point, the federal government merely needs to get out of the way. Federal regulation is necessary to protect workers who are on the job. There must be laws to prosecute and punish those who abuse or defraud, but that is all. When regulation grows beyond that, it begins to become a hindrance on employment and a threat to growth. Furthermore, it interferes with the functioning of the free market. Americans must be free to make their own choices, even bad ones. Regulation that prevents the free will of the American people will always result in economic loss for the working class and the poor because non-competitive monopolies are created.

 Washington cannot create jobs. Government jobs only move the same revenue from one place to another. The private sector creates jobs, generates wealth, and grows the economy. As your Congressman, I will fight for lower taxes to keep revenue in the private sector, support expansion of domestic energy sources, and remove obstructions to growth.



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