As your Congressman, I know a strong military is the key to national security.


Common Sense Principles

National Defense

The Constitution establishes the defense of this Nation as a duty of the federal government. Congress does this primarily with funding and oversight.

 The Constitution clearly delineates “To declare war” as the responsibility of the Congress, not the President. The President is the Commander-in-Chief and sets policy for the conduct of military actions. Congress has attempted to play both sides of the fence in our current conflicts. Congress must make an informed decision, based on fact, and reflective of the will of the American people before America’s sons and daughters are put in harm’s way. This must be clearly stated to the American people. Most American citizens do not know whether or not Congress did this for our current conflicts.

Congress funds our military, in both peace and wartime. A large military has provided safety and security here at home in both times of peace and wartime. Communism and terrorism are contained by force, not dialogue. Those who have actually confronted either of these know that is absolute fact. A large military serves as a deterrent to aggression even when not fighting. Unfortunately, it is also expensive to maintain a large military.

Fortunately, here in San Diego County, this is tax revenue that comes directly to our community. This is revenue taxed from the entire Nation that comes here as military hardware manufacture and military paychecks that are spent on homes, cars, groceries, etc…Estimates are to 1/3 of our jobs are a direct result of military spending. Bigger military budgets bring jobs to San Diego County. Military cuts take them away.

 Secondly, Congress provides oversight of our military. This takes many forms. National Security is non-partisan. Congress must be able to analyze performance, void of bias. Bad strategy and security leaks cost lives and the American people need to know Congress puts the Nation and its people ahead of political agendas. Furthermore, Congress must ensure good stewardship of taxpayer money. Wherever excess funding can be trimmed from government contracts it must be done.

 As your Congressman, I know a strong military is the key to national security. I know that our enemies only understand strength. As a retired Marine, I know there are no politics in our national defense, just honest answers and commitment to the people who defend our nation.



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