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The 2012 General Election approaches. It is unnecessary to provide a litany of grievances. The national economy is our reality and evident in your neighborhood every day. For the solution to these problems and a clear vision into our Nation’s future, I challenge you to look beyond the shallow advertising, slogans, and incomplete sound bites that have become our political discourse. Thomas Jefferson instructed that an informed population was “the most certain and most legitimate engine of government.”

 I have published my political leadership platform here to be openly examined and confronted. Read the positions thoroughly. Evaluate them. If you agree with them, join our team and help us spread the word. If you dispute my ideas, contact me and let’s discuss them, civilly and face to face, personally or hold a town hall meeting, big or small. Let me know what you think, The House of Representatives is the people’s house. Let’s return it to the people with an engaged constituency. I respectfully request you to evaluate my leadership and vision for a better direction in our Congress.

 The future of our Nation and future generations’ prosperity resides in the wisdom of our political choices. Do not cast a vote based upon a (D) or an (R) after a candidate’s name. Rise above the sound bites and slogans, judge for yourself and make an informed decision.



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